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We ship via UPS ground or USPS Priority Mail

Free local pick up at our factory in Chantilly, VA!


We ship or allow pick-up at our chocolate factory.

Orders that require shipping will be sent within 2 business days following receipt of payment.  Orders will be sent USPS Priority mail, or local drop off.

Orders of chocolate bars sent to  warm climates (average 95 degrees F) may need ice-packs for shipping. We will include these at no extra charge.


We do not allow shipping truffles to hot climates, as they are very suseptable to melting, and we do not use styrofoam for environmental reasons. IF you do want to share our truffles wtih someone in a hot climate, then we recommend sending 1 or 2 day shipping, so the ice pack will keep them cold.


To protect our clients, we do not accept returns on food items.  Please contact us as soon as possible if you have any issue with your product, or need to cancel your order.

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