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Craft Roasting Profiles

#SmallBatch #HandTempered #ArtisanMade

River-Sea Chocolates compliments each bean's flavor and bar's recipe with an in-house engineered roasting profile.  Roasting has a huge impact on the final chocolate product taste and nutritional integrity. This super food contains some of the highest levels of antioxidants of any food, as well as flavanols that are good for cardiovascular health. Chocolate is also a brain interacting food because it provides a natural source of neurotransmitter precursors associated with love and happiness.

"We must forget all this formal modern life; we must break away from this cramped, cold, northern world; we must find ourselves face to face at last, in Pacific isles or African forests, with the underlying truths of simple naked nature." 

-The Call of the Tropics by Grant Allen

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