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Visit the Chocolate Factory &
Hot Chocolate Cafe + Now Offering GELATO

(hidden between Ono Brewing and Siemens)

Our chocolate factory is always open to the public and has chocolate bars for sale, craft chocolate drinks, and a nice seating area to hang out or get work done.


Our liquid chocolate drinks are made from the chocolate we make here at the factory. We have hot chocolate, designer cocoas made from melting down chocolate bars. Our drinks are lightly sweetened, which makes them less desirable for a kid's palate, but we can add extra sugar if you like. Vegan milk options are available! 

See our Hot Chocolate MENU



 If you are interested in seeing how chocolate is made from farm to bar - an incredible multi-step process that includes video and hands-on learning - schedule a tour of the Chocolate Factory through our Tours Page

We also have chocolate experiences, bar decorating, and guided tasting adventures.


Mon : 11 - 4pm

Tue :     closed

Wed : 11 - 4pm

Thu : 11 - 5pm

Fri  : 11 - 5pm

Sat : 11 - 6pm

Sun : 11- 4pm


4520 Daly Dr Suite 100

Chantilly VA 20151

TEL.(703) 539-2697

(hidden between Ono Brewing and Siemens)

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