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Nutrition Information

Here you can find the nutrional content

for our different chocolate bars,

and the heavy metal and independent lab testing results

for our main three ingredients (cacao beans, sugar, and milk). 

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Heavy Metal Testing

We've read the articles about cadmium and other heavy metals in some chocolate bar brands. We eat our chocolate literally everyday! So as much as the safety of this superfood for our customers is of prime importance, we also do not want to be accumulating toxic chemicals in our bodies. 

For this reason, we ensure our main ingredients (cacao, sugar, milk) are all independent laboratory tested for heavy metals and other toxins. In most cases the manufacturer/broker provides us with that information. Or in the case of beans that we have directly imported, we paid to send the beans for testing ourselves.

We are happy to report that our chocolate is safe to enjoy. All our test results reveal either no trace, or well below FDA safety thresholds. Why do some chocolate brands contain dangerous levels of heavy metals? In most cases this is the result of accumulation in the soil either from run-off farming additives or naturally occuring, like in volcanic soil. The manufacturing process of large brands also can lead to heavy metals. Large brands use metal ball mills, and the abrasion overtime wears down coatings that are probably increasing heavy metal levels. At River-Sea, we use stones to mill our chocolate.

Download the test results for our ingredients below. ​​

We have also included test results related to our chocolate bar packaging.




Tanzania, Vietnam, Peru


Organic Sugar

Organic Milk Quality Results & Technical Data Sheet


Chocolate Envelope Packaging Heavy Metal Test 

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