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World-class single-origin cacao paired with organic and ethically sourced ingredients, less sugar than most other bar chocolates, and no soy or gluten.

Craft Roasting Profiles

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River-Sea Chocolates compliments each bean's flavor and nutritional integrity with an in-house engineered roasting profile.  

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our Factory

And Hot Chocolate Cafe

Small-Scale Sustainable Farms

#Sustainability #SocialImpact

River-Sea Chocolates partners with small-scale growers who use sustainable farming methods.

Single Origin Beans

#SingleOrigin #DirectTrade

River-Sea Chocolates believes the flavor specific to bean type, soil, climate, and the grower's touch are all to be celebrated. 

Education and Experience

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Visit our Chocolate Factory for multi-dimensional learning

tailored for any age group.

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About Us

And Coco the Sloth

Plant geneticists say cacao trees originated in the Amazon Basin, the same place where our story starts.

We love talking about making chocolate and offer many options for visiting our factory in Chantilly VA, or connecting virtually.


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