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Self-Guided Chocolate Tasting Kit

Self-Guided Chocolate Tasting Kit


Makes a great introduction into the amazing world of craft chocolate, or a wonderful gift. This tasting kit comes with everything you need to sit down and enjoy a selection of some of the best chocolate in the world. Get 5 full bars (60g), palate cleansing crackers, and tasting instructions that detail the story of each bar. Choose between these kit options:

  1. Mix of Dark, Milk, White Chocolate



Wine Pairings:
 Generally our experience shows that the Merlot Is a very versatile wine for any Dark Chocolate, it has slightly higher tannins but otherwise subtle, rounded flavor. This is one that we love for matching with the chocolates: Fableist Merlot.
For white wine pairing, we recommend a Riesling, Prosecco or other demi-sweet sparking wine. Those go well with milk and lighter chocolates. We particularly like Baci Dolci Blonde Moscato.

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