Hot Chocolate Bombs

Hot Chocolate Bombs


We do not ship bombs.

Place your hot chocolate bomb in a cup and add hot milk, watch it explode with marshmallows and delicious flavor! We make them with our organic, single-origin chocolate, all-natural ingredients and vegetarian/vegan marshmallows! Four and Six Packs are mixed with different flavors, or specify your preferences in the comments field. Since the bombs are so delicate, we cannot ship them. Choose "in-store pickup" or "local delivery" at checkout.  We do not ship bombs.


  • Classic (Dark Choc Shell with Hot Chocolate Mix and Marshmallows) (vegan) 
  • Romeo and Juliet (White chocolate shell, hot chocolate mix inside with raspberry and rose)
  • Mexican Fire (Dark Choc shell with hot chocolate mix, cinnamon, cayenne, red salt and marshmallows inside) (Vegan)
  • Slothicorn (White Choc shell, hot chocolate mix, blue butterfly pea, pink dragon fruit powder, and marshmallows inside)
  • S'Mores (Dark Choc shell, hot chocolate mix, gluten free graham crackers, marshmallows) (Vegan). Message us if you need more detailed ingredients list.
  • Coconut (Dark Choc shell, hot chocolate mix, ground coconut, marshmallows) (vegan)
  • Butterscotch (White Choc shell, hot chocolate mix, butterscotch extract, marshmallows)
  • Snickerdoodle (Dark Choc shell, gluten-free snikerdoodle cookies, hot chocolate mix, vegan marshmallows, cinnamon) (Vegan)
  • Cookies and Creme (Dark Choc shell, gluten-free Oreos, hot chocolate mix, vegan marshmallows) (Vegan)


We do not ship bombs because they can burst during shipping.



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