Hibiscus Oolong Malawi Tea Dark 60%

Hibiscus Oolong Malawi Tea Dark 60%


Dark milk chocolate infused with Malawi Tea hand harvested and dried by small independent farmers. Featured on the bar we have a picture of Miss Alice Ganisha from Bwaila Village. Alice has one child and has grown tea as an independent farmer for 25 years. She is standing in a field of the hibiscus we've included in the chocolate bar. 

This delicious bar is infused with the ruby red Malawi Hibiscus and balanced with earthy Malawi Oolong. Read more about the teas we used in this bar below.


The Red Hibiscus is grown by small holder farmers around Satemwa Farm in Malawi’s Thyolo District and harvested between June and September. The small holders carefully remove the bright red calyx of the Hibiscus flower by hand. Afterwards the flowers are sun dried.The infusion has a deep ruby-red infusion with a fresh sour and sweet taste, that is very refreshing. Rich in vitamin C, red hibiscus is ascribed with a long list of beneficial health properties if consumed regularly.


Father Zambezi’s Mission Oolong is a full bodied, balanced and both sweet and savory, giving it a distinct signature. With its distinct signature, this oolong is a rare success outside the traditional region of China and Taiwan. Made with expert craftsmanship, tea leaves are hand-picked, then rolled to about 10-40% oxidation.


Ingredients: Organic Cacao Beans, Organic Cane Sugar, Cacao Butter, Organic Whole Milk, Malawi Ruby Red Hibiscus, Father Zambezi's Mission Oolong



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