Cacao Husks

Cacao Husks


Cacao husks are the outer shell of the cacao bean and, like the bean, they are also edible. After roasting we remove the husks because they would add bitter or burnt flavors to the chocolate. Cacao husks are, therefore, a byproduct of our chocolate making process.


However, husks actually contain vitamins and minerals, antioxidants, and more theobromine than the nibs! Through the roasting process they absorb some of the cacao butter from the nibs, making them extra nutritious. if you can tolerate their crunchy burnt and bitter flavor, then they would make a good snack. 


Cacao husk have many uses:

 -  Potpourri - add the delicious smell of chocolate to your car, bathroom, underwear drawer... oh the possibilities...

 - Tea - 2 teaspoons in boiling water for 5 minutes.

 - Soil Amendment - cacao husks make an excellent, attractive, and delicious smelling top cover for your garden or planters. Husks contain nitrogen, phosphate, and potash. They have a pH of 5.8.

 - Soaps and Scrubs - infuse homemade creations with husks.

 - Beer making... Haven't tried it yet but we think it would work :)



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